Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

What Are The Top Carpet Cleaning Problems?

As a professional carpet cleaning company, you need to understand the basic problems that might

As a professional carpet cleaning company, you need to understand the basic problems that might appear while you are on a job. Carpet cleaning can be done by using a powerful carpet cleaning machine but to ensure that your job is done perfectly; it is always advisable that you know the ins and outs of carpet cleaning before you step in the client’s site.

Remember: Carpet cleaning goes beyond the surface and cleaning the debris and dust from the fibers of the carpet.

Here are some problems that you should be aware of when it comes to carpet cleaning:

Over wetting: When an operator applies more water than his machinery is capable of recovering, this can be a big issue as the dirty water and excess detergent dries on the carpet after the water evaporates from the cleaning solution. From there, the dried detergent residue attracts more soil and grit. So, all the hard work goes down the drain!

Wicking: Carpets dry from the top down. As each drop of water leaves the carpet tuft and evaporates into the surrounding air it pulls on nearby droplets of water with them toward the surface. In this way moisture moves from the base of the fibers to the  cleaning process has resulted in soil being dissolved, suspended and emulsified in the water left behind. As the water evaporates, it leaves those soils at the tips of the carpet. Dirt that might otherwise have been hidden down in the pile of the carpet is now on top and quite visible.

Rippling: This happens when the carpet is poorly stretched during installation. Ripples can also occur during cleaning sometimes, and if this happens, it is best to leave it as far as correction is concerned. We should inform the client of the issues, but reassure them that when the humidity stabilises a few days after the carpet has been cleaned, the ripples will generally settle back down. In fact, using PowerClean extractors, you can use the steam cleaning process for effective carpet cleaning. In this, you spray a solution of water and a cleaning agent into the fibre and recover the used solution and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding  method of carpet cleaning is a very productive. In fact, chemical agents are created keeping in mind the need of fast penetration and eradication of dirt with no residue.

Delamination: This is the separation of the primary and secondary backings of the carpet. The problem may be caused by heavy traffic, too soft underlay, or by the carpet being wet for an extended period of time. When it happens in newer carpet installations, it is generally caused by incorrect formulation of application of the latex, which is designed to bond the primary and secondary backing together.

Carpet Browning: This can sometimes be confused with wicking or yellowing, but only occurs when cellulosic fibers are present. Cellulosic fibers come from plant material and include cotton, jute and rayon. Browning occurs on the tips of carpet tufts or on upholstery fabric. This will be more noticeable on light colored fabrics. Browning is actually the oxidation of a natural sugar called lignin. Like other sugars, this dissolves in water or cleaning solutions and wicks to the surface during drying. Alkalinity will greatly accelerate cellulosic browning. Over-wetting, slow drying and the age of the fabric also increase the likelihood and severity of browning.

Furniture Stains: It is quite essential to place proper protection such as clear plastic tabs under the legs of the furniture where the carpet has been freshly cleaned. This is because the furniture varnish or wood stain might transfer itself to the carpet and this type of stain is permanent in most cases. Metal furniture can rust and leave rust stains and a fabric bases can leave dye marks. Special care must be given, and proper padding must be used.

With this knowledge at hand, you can be more careful while doing your carpet cleaning job. Remember a little prudence on your behalf can save you the head ache of getting the cleaning redone or losing the client altogether!